At FermiTron, Inc. we make it as easy as possible to get your project started and to engage with us. We use proven product development and design methodologies combined with a comprehensive suite of tools and equipment to propel your project from concept to product. Our experienced product development team and our proven product development process will ensure your product is delivered on schedule, with high quality, and within your budget requirements.

Project Management is key to ensuring that your new product development project will be successful. FermiTron, Inc. utilizes its quality management system to ensure that your product development project flows smoothly.


FermiTron, Inc.'s quality management system divides the overall product development process into several phases with key activities defined in each phase. We schedule design reviews with you at critical points in each phase of development to assure that the project is proceeding as desired.

Our product development process covers all phases for full product development, including concept development, architecture development, detailed design, testing, and product transition into manufacturing. This process can be used for full turnkey product development or for subsets of the customer's product development activities.

We maintain close communication with you throughout the project to ensure that your project is proceeding consistent with your needs.

As soon as you have a need for product development a FermiTron, Inc. representative will work with you to help you determine if we are a good match for your project. Our typical process for engaging with you on a new project involves the following four phases:


This is an initial discussion between you and our FermiTron, Inc. representative to share our general skills and capabilities to see if we might be a good fit for your project needs. After this discussion, we will often mutually decide to establish a non-disclosure agreement to facilitate the exchange of further information.


This is a detailed discussion with your team and our team. The purpose of this discussion is for us to get an in-depth understanding of your project needs and for you to get a firm understanding of our specific technical capabilities in areas needed for your project. Typically, this discussion will involve appropriate members of your team and ours.


Based on the information we have received in the Discovery phase, we may mutually agree to create a detailed project proposal or Statement of Work (SOW) for your project. This Statement of Work will define project scope, activities, deliverables, schedule, costs, and proposed business terms. We will work closely with you to create and refine a Statement of Work that will satisfy your needs.


Once we have reached agreement on the Statement of Work, FermiTron, Inc. will then assemble all of the people and resources needed to start the project. Typical projects will include a kickoff meeting with members of your team and members of the FermiTron, Inc. project team.